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The following images were created by me, Bob Marzewski and all rights are held by me. They are here to be enjoyed, but I retain the exclusive right to sell them.
Glass Sculptures
Made of dozens or hundreds of individual pieces of plate glass. Each is cut to the correct size, cleaned, attached and sealed within a glass box.

From my days as a Quark tech support employee, this is the company logo. Difficult to see the details, the letters are reversed, appearing to be carved out of a stack of glass.

Maps have been one of my favorite subjects for these glass sculptures. One of my maps is even in Denmark.

Made for a past girlfriend-it was her name-not necessarily being used as a state of being.

I bought my first Macintosh in 1985, and had already been using Apple II series computers for the previous few years, so one of the first glass sculptures I made was an Apple logo. This is the second version of that logo. I made 3. I have one, the other two were given as gifts to a couple friends that were just as in love of their Macs as I. [Dave Swartz, John Stroud and I spent the majority of our friday nights at my farm house engaged in our severely nerdy 'Mac parties'.]

Wire Trees
Made of copper-coated steel welding rod, I built my first tree because I was looking for a way of storing a bunch of tools all within easy reach. In the past 15+ years since, I am still building trees to perform the same function, each time I move residences.

Somewhere around 1993-4, I built this tree over a 3 day weekend [just to see if I could] and took it in to my cubical at Quark. The 'leaves' are marbles and various sized glass balls. It is also the only photo of a tree that I have that is isolated enough from its surroundings to provide

The next three photos are details below the canopy of the first tree I made showing some of the copper leaves.

Self portrait with my first tree in Sterling, circa 1984.