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The following images were created by me, Bob Marzewski and all rights are held by me. They are here to be enjoyed, but I retain the exclusive right to sell them.
Borrowed Time CD cover - (71 k)
Nov 1991
A cover for a CD for a friend of mine for a group called Borrowed Time.

TV Store/Mac - (198 k)
Apr 1992
I threw this together for a competition for the merging of TVs and Computers. Recognize the frame on the screen? Guess first then look-it is one of the frames from the original 1984 commercial that announced the Macintosh.

Sake Bottle - (238 k)
Jun 1994
When Matt (see elsewhere above.) needed a quick graphic for a magazine he was the creative director for, I put together this image. The camera was very close to the bottle of Sake and had a very wide angle lens. The 'table' that the bottle is sitting on is an extrusion of the kanji character for sake. It was used in "5280" magazine in conjunction with a story about a Colorado company that produced Sake.

Web Design
These days (and nights, and weekends) I spend most of my design time on the web. Since teaching myself (mostly) html in 1995, I've designed well over 100 sites from one page prototypes that never saw a visitor to 500 page structures for Newspapers.

I've taken screen shots of some of the web sites I've done, shrunk them down and put them into rings with [previous] [next] controls. The sites are randomly orgnanized with new and old work mingled. I may some day annotate the pages, but don't hold your breath.

Web Ring 1
Web Ring 2