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The following images were created by me, Bob Marzewski and all rights are held by me. They are here to be enjoyed, but I retain the exclusive right to sell them.
City Streets in Space - (99 k)
Jan 1993
This is a cityscape that I lit with WAY too many lights (look at all the street lights in the streets!), then put it under a dome, and finally evolved into a space ship.

Metal Sculpture - (139 k)
Oct 1993
This was a prototype of a metal sculpture that came into my head, and I wanted to record it before it left. Since I knew that I didn't have time to make it that night, I modeled it in StrataVision. The sculpture is cool, but doesn't look quite as good as this protype. It now hangs in Sven's house - hey guy you owe me a glass ball! Oct 1993

Big SpaceShip 2 - top - (75 k)
Sep 1993
The beginning ring of a large radially symmetric 'death star' type space ship.

Big SpaceShip 5 - top - (62 k)
Sep 1993
A later version of the above.

Big SpaceShip 5 - top side - (57 k)
Sep 1993
The same model as the above from a different vantage point.

Chess1cB - (50 k)
Apr 1991
One of the very first serious 3D models I ever did after learning how to use StrataVision. I printed up a bunch of copies and sent one to the US Chess Federation as an example of what I could offer them. Three years later, they called me to see if they could use it on the Cover of their first all electronic version of their magazine "Chess Life" where it appeared Jan 1995.

Chess2g-01 - (47 k)
Apr 1991
Done during the same period as the above, this was an experiment in lighting. This is not such a great picture but it sets the stage for the next image. Notice the shadow of the cross on the white pawn? I moved the position of the light just a tad, moved the camera over the top of the white pawn, and got the next shot.

Chess 2d - (30 k)
Apr 1991
See the above picture and explanation first. The reason for placing the shadow of the king on the white pawn was beacuse I needed to dump a lot of light into the scene to get good reflections in the white pawn, but the same light made wiped out the reflections in the glare of the very bright white sphere; hence the need for the shadow.

RLM Fused Logo - (11 k)
Just playing with my initials.

Earth225d - (86 k)
Jul 1992
A graphic I made for a business card. I've always been really into rendering the world.

Go Game - (139 k)
Feb 1993
When I lived In Sterling, Colorado, I knew a real Zen master in Chess, Guitar and life in general that turned me on to the game of GO. Since he is the only one I've ever played against, I never figured out if I was any good. Need to play again.. Anyhow, this is a close-up of a few go stones on a board. Hi there Bruce.

Hand with Candy - (194 k)
Nov 1993
While at Quark as a technician, a former student of mine that also worked there as a graphic artist (Matt) asked me to run up a few concepts for a presentation at Seybold. None of my ideas were picked (oh well), but I kinda liked this one.

Red Hex Globe - (123 k)
Jul 1993
I was playing around with textures, and came up with a tile for a tileable hexagonal pattern. Here is one of a series of variations with the results. If you looked at the Big space ship pitures above, you saw a blue version.

White Hex bump - (95 k)
Jul 1993
The above experiment as a bump only map. I like the feeling of texture.

Kevin's Splash screen - (74 k)
Feb 1993
While working at Quark, I localized software. One of the engineers, Kevin, made a program that helped me do my job. I suggested it needed a splash screen, and he acceded. The code took up about 15k, but the splash screen was around 800k! Hey, what did I care, we both had fast machines and big screens and no one else on the planet used it. This set of hemispheres was the main element in the splash screen.

Nested Hemisphere 2 - (27 k)
Apr 1991
I saw something like this and had to try to duplicate it. I just like it.

Steel Shell - (55 k)
Jan 1993
Chrome spherical girders. Whatever...

DragonFly - (59 k)
Mar 1992
I neat model with a very nice texture on the wings. I was going to animate the flapping wings, but never got around to it.

DNA - (55 k)
?? 1993
What do you expect from a science teacher. A little strand of DNA