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The following images were created by me, Bob Marzewski and all rights are held by me. They are here to be enjoyed, but I retain the exclusive right to sell them.

Time exposure shot as a passenger in a car at night while driving down the highway and exiting into a town, northern Michigan. Close examination of the large version will show some readable neon signs.

Light Hammer Strobe - (55 k)
When young, my twin brothers and I experimented with everything. When I started to learn to use a camera and began doing my own darkroom work, my dad gave us an old but powerful strobe light. We experimented with stop action photography, including this photograph of breaking a light bulb. This was one in a series-not knowing how fast electronic circuits were and how brief were the flashes from a strobe tube, we set the first trigger on as a pieces of aluminum foil on top of the light bulb. When the hammer head touched the foil, it completed the strobe circuit and we got a beautiful picture of a hammer sitting on top of an intact light bulb.
By moving the foil (visible in the photo) to a new position we got our first good image.