Anne & Marks Party 2016


Rabbit hole photoshoot - John Tupper

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Rabbit hole photoshoot - wizzard | Rabbit hole photoshoot - AttaGirl | Rabbit hole photoshoot - John T.
Art Gallery photo shoot - wizzard | Art Gallery photo shoot - AttaGirl | Art Party Fashion Show - wizzard | Art Party Fashion Show - AttaGirl | Rabbit Hole Teardown

Anne & Mark's 2016 Art Party had an opening Gala on Saturday 24Sep16 and a Closing Fashion show the following Saturday with a few days in between when the grounds and gallery were open. Held at the Santa Clara Fair Grounds, the focus was the 30,000 square foot pavilion building that was filled with art from over 300 Artists (Including me!). The theme was Alice in Wonderland. Gwen and I built a 104' long entryway for the event that was our version of the beginning of Alice's journey through the Rabbit Hole.

Thursday night (after the Gala, but before the Fashion show) between 9:00 and 11:00 at night, Gwen, John Tupper and I went to the fairgrounds to do a photo shoot of the Rabbit Hole. These are the photos shot that night by John Tupper-a member of our crew and professional photographer.

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