Anne & Marks Party 2016



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Pictures of the hole model. (made for the architect to use to put together the building permit.) The scale is 1:24 (1"=2'). The toy characters are human sized adults. The overall length is 100'
Click on any picture and it pops up in a different window full sized.

The idea is to make the participants feel like they are falling though a Rabbit hole as in the beginning of the Alice In Wonderland story.

The Rabbit hole will start out 18' wide and 8' tall with a couple of entrances somewhat obscured by trees and bushes. The first few feet will feature tree roots hanging from the ceiling and walls, followed by other items Alice passed; cupboards and book shelves, large playing cards, tea pots, cups and saucers, and clocks. In addition, we'll add directional signs and hanging banners to prevent people from seeing too far forward. The banners will have text and images from the story.

After 20+ feet, there will be 2 entrances to a 12-sided 'round' room; 2 walls are entrances, 2 are exits. The remaining 8 walls will have decorated doors. In the center will be the table Alice saw; on the table the bottle that had the label "Drink Me" and a key. As in the story, there will be also a very small door-too small for Alice to enter, but through which she can see a beautiful garden. Drinking the liquid in the bottle shrank Alice in the story, the key was used to open the small door.

We cannot leave 5000 bottles of liquid for the party goers to drink, so I'll make a drinking fountain in the shape of a mushroom. After drinking, Alice got very small, but since we cannot make people get smaller, as they exit the round room, the building will get wider, and taller growing up to 14' tall and 22' wide. Along the walls will be doors that grow from 7' to 12' tall. At the end of the expanding room, the small 3' table from the round room becomes a huge table 9' tall with correspondingly larger drink me bottle and key that will be seen through the glass windows in the table. Under the table will be a second mushroom covered with candy and signs saying "Eat Me". As in the tale, when Alice ate, she grew very tall-we will simulate it by making the room shrink as people proceed.

In the final major chamber, people will be confronted with 4 draped exits. The one to the right leads out of the hole to a conveniently located bar. The one to the lft goes out to a huge statue of the Mad Hatter and a metal sign saying "LOVE". The 2 center exits will actually form a U-turn bringing party-goers back into the final chamber, but not before having an encounter with a Caterpillar smoking a hooka sitting on a 3rd mushroom while Alice looks on. Also in the U-turn will be lighting effects to simulate the river of tear Alice cried when she grew extra big.

Overview of most of the hole. The scale is 1:24 (1 inch=2 feet)

Entry area. 20' long, 8' tall, width 18' to 16'

Entry area. 20' long, 8' tall, width 18' to 16'

Circular Room. 18' diameter, 8' tall.

Expanding room. Starts at 8' tall, 16 ' wide, grows to 14' tall, 22' wide over a distance of 32'.

End of expanding room.

Shrinking room & exits. Over 20' it shrinks to 8' tall and 19' feet wide. Thinking about decreasing the height to somewhere between 6-7'.

Entry area. 20' long, 8' tall, width 18' to 16'

Circular Room. 18' diameter, 8' tall.

Expanding room.

Shrinking room & exits.

Exit. Extreme right and left exit to outside. Center 2 form a horseshoe, returing participant to the hole.

Human eye view of entrances. (2 maybe 3 entryways.)