Burningman 2011:

Rites of Passage


...[existential] changes of condition do not occur without disturbing the life of society and the individual, and it is the function of rites of passage to reduce their harmful effects. That such are regarded as real and important is demonstrated by the occurrence of rites, in important ceremonies among widely differing peoples, enacting death in one condition and resurrection in another.

- Arnold Van Gennep, The Rites of Passage


Group project: South Bay CORE:

The Valley of Hearts Delight

This year for the first time, regional burning man groups from around the world were invited to submit ideas for a 20' tall effigy that represented their region. The 22 effigies that finally were built were titled CORE: CircleOf Regional Effigies.
Gwen came up with the basic concept for the South Bay project (an 'X' shaped man made of laptos [plywood] in the shape of steps), I took it from 2D to 3D (added 2 more legs to make the base and arms stacked pyramids), and Frank designed the final structure (like a bloody complicated 4-way staricase). Others suggested adding the grove of trees at the base-the groves of fruit trees that were cleared away to make room for the silicon in Silicon Valley.

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