Burningman 2005: Project X

Q: What to do?
A: Screw with our friends!!

Email to Burning Silicon Group after BM 2005 to reveal THE TRUTH!

Project X had 2 major parts.

The first part which ended as we hit the playa was to fuck with as many of our friends as possible. You see,Dea misread the theme as Psych!! as in Gotcha!

There was no Joe Priff. He was my dad's old alias 60years ago and not to be found in a Google search. Iplayed the role of Joe until the first meeting, GeorgeBonser was Joe in phone calls to the Artery.

There was no psychology experiment. There was nohidden agendas. All the people who worked on Project Xknew from the first meeting what we were going tobuild. None of the contoversy you saw was real.

The project itself was a reference to the classicmovie 'Planet of the Apes'-final scene with CharltonHeston breaking down on the beach on seeing the statueof liberty buried in the mud.

Instead of that statue, we of course built the top ofthe man's head and one arm reaching out of theground-all 5x scale bigger than the real man. It waslit with about 55 fluorescent tubes-although not allof them on the arm could be made to light up.

The project took far longer to build than I hadexpected. The 4 days stretched out to 8+ days underthe hot sun. We got to light it up a couple nightsbefore it was burned in pieces in the man platformwith remnants burned the next day in burn platforms.

For me, probably the coolest part was having thechance to talk with 2 of the builders of the real manwhile we were building. They were amazed and pleasedwith the level of accuracy of our version.

There are a ton of people to thank starting with DaleScott who I got plans from through devious means.Sorry, Dale, I never got around to making the wholeman in 3D in my computer.

Thanks to: Karl, Ember, Dea, George, Kris, Paul, Liv, Miranda, Duncan, Pauly, Marcel, Jill, David, Worm, Debi,Elecktra, Arthur, Geoff (who couldn't make it thisyear), Nasty Andi, and dozens of volunteers that madeit possible. (Ok, who did I forget?)

A special thanks to Skid who loaned us a 5kW generatorwhen our died after 2 days. Woulda been awful dark outthere without you.

The PRIVATE project X Web site

I'll be adding some photos as I get them developed anduploaded.

Hope everyone enjoyed our little joke.


Pre Event-for the world

Note: This was the censored version of the site the world could see before bm05
The Summer of Drama

Survivor: The Burning Man Version

What are we doing this year, Wizzard?

Project X 1st meeting Too much secrecy?

Pre Event-for our group

Note: This was the UNcensored version of the site the members of ProjectX could see before bm05
The Summer of Drama

Survivor: The Burning Man Version
What are we doing this year, Wizzard?

First meeting-uncensored
Early prototypes
What angle do we want for the arm?
Art Application

Project X Revealed??
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The Beacon Discovers Project X    big |huge

BRC from space on the day of the burn. See Project X from space! (if you know where to look). HUGE copy