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I'm writing in response to the article below from the

I am an artist who will be making my 6th yearly trip in 2003. I've
been bringing art pieces for the past 4 years (the first year was to
figure out why I was there!). Way ahead of my usual schedule, I have
started on my most ambitious project, and would love to be part of
the documentary.

At the core of my 2003 idea is an 8' hollow fiberglass ball I rescued
from being destroyed. Currently fire engine red, I plan to repaint it
(if not in time for 2003, certainly by 2004) into a world globe-I'm
into globes.

At the moment, I'm working on the suspension system which will allow
BRCitizens to climb into the sphere and 'run' around as if they were
hamsters in their little treadmill. To accomplish this, I've been
constructing fiberglass 'eye sockets' lined with large marbles-each
holding a bowling ball and allowing it to spin freely. The Big sphere
will be supported by probably around 12 bowling balls-I'm nearly done
with the 3rd one which will let me support the ball now and see if
the concept is sound. (Given a bit of better weather this weekend, it
may be rotating before the end of the year!) I'm still not sure of
exactly how the final piece will look nor do I have any clue of how
I'll transport it to the playa.

I Live in San Jose, I'm 50 years old, and have an extensive
burningman section on my web site at: wizzard.com. Please respond if
I can be of assistance.

***Burning Man Documentary: Call
for Participation***

Gone Off Deep Productions (formerly SubstanceTV) is currently at work
on Black Rock: City in the Sand, a feature-length documentary on
Burning Man. With unprecedented access to the Burning Man
organization, City in the Sand will fully chronicle, for the first
time, the monumental year-long efforts of the community to create the
seeming magic of a temporal city.

We had a hugely successful burn this year, shooting nearly 30 hours
of footage.

We like to express our appreciation to the organizers for the
unprecedented access they've provided us, as well as to the wonderful
artists and citizens of Black Rock City who've shared their stories,
work and ideas.

Production continues through the end of Burning Man '03, at which
time we'll begin crafting a film that will tell the Burning Man story
like never before, fully exploring the creativity, passion, and
lifestyle of Black Rock City.

In an effort to make this film everything it can be, we're asking for
the help of the global Burning Man community. We're specifically

-Artists willing to show and discuss their works-in-progress for
Burning Man 2003.

-Information on regional events or gatherings over the next year,
leading up to Burning Man '03.

If you or someone you know can help us with any of these items,
please contact us at burn@substance.tv.

For more information and production updates on City in the Sand,
please visit www.goneoffdeep.com.

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"William Haskins" william@substance.tv01/08/03 01:59PM
Dear Robert,

Thanks for your interest in our Burning Man documentary. Our
production staff will be visiting the Bay Area next week (January
13-17), and we have some windows in our schedule, if you'd be
interested in meeting with us and discussing your projects.

As of now, it's looking like we'll have free time on:

-Monday night (later in the night, after 9 PM)
-Tuesday afternoon (3-6 PM)
-Wednesday evening/night
-Thursday morning/ early afternoon

Please shoot me an email with a phone number if you'd be interested in
meeting with us.

Thanks again for your interest, and we look forward to speaking with
you further.



William Haskins
Gone Off Deep Productions

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I'd love to meet with you.

Bob Marzewski
408 943-1669 (home)

I have a day job and so would prefer the monday or wednesday slots,
but could swing the tuesday one if the others fill quickly.

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"William Haskins" william@substance.tv01/08/03 02:31PM
Hi Robert,

Looks like Wednesday evening will work fine for us. We're driving up to
Petaluma early in the day to meet with David Best, so it should be no
problem to get down to San Jose to meet with you afterwards.

We can give you a call at 6PM (after you get off work) while we're en
route, and maybe shoot for 7 or so, if that gives you enough time to
unwind after your workday.

Please let me know if this works for you.


William Haskins
Gone Off Deep Productions

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Sounds good!

I live at
San Jose

[Directions given]

I can hardly wait!