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Cruz the Wave: building a big wooden surf wave for Burning Man 2014 with Santa Cruz Burners

Getting married under the arch at burningman 2013! (28 Aug 2013)

2013 brings my marriage to Gwen (Atta Girl) Jester at Burning Man. I am building a wedding arch as the locale for the ceremony. You are invited to attend.

2012 brings my most complicated burning man project yet: the Mayan TRIcycle.

My hope is to help others understand how the Mayan Calendar works and to help alleviate the fears that many have that the world as we know it is going to end on December 21st when the calendar 'ends'.  I believe that the cycle is just turning over, much like the odometer in your car does.

To show this in a dramatic and fun way, I am planning on building the Mayan TRIcycle.  The 260-day Tzolkin Calendar will be a 13’ tall wheel, driven/rotated by humans running inside the wheel.  The 365-day Haab Calendar will be a 22' tall wheel that the Tzolkin calendar wheel is cradled in.  Together the two wheels will rotate and will advance the Long Count "Odometer". 
I'm still designing how the final piece will look and function. I've built thigs this big before, but not anything that will need this level of precision to work. I need help both in people with skills and in raising money to bring this project to the desert this summer. Please take a look here to learn more. If you'd like to contribute to this effort, go here:

[2011] Before the blog and social neworks existed, nerds had their own domains. This one is mine. It's been in nearly continuous operation since 1995.

I started using computers in 1968 when in high school. We had a first generation vacuum tube computer the size of a CEO's desk that would heat the classroom in Michigan in the middle of the winter. We also had a terminal with paper tape puncher/reader and a 300baud modem hooked into a computer at Ford Motor Company many miles away. We paid a fee for the connect time and much more for 'think' time when the processor actually computed our programs.

My how times have changed! Even though my computer is several years old, it packs more power than that Ford computer 40+ years ago and my lousy Comcast connection is hundreds of times quicker. Everyone has a presence on the internet.

Oh, yea I do have my own blog.

   Places to visit
Burning Man Pages
I'll be going back to Burning Man for the 14th year in a row. This year without my own art piece, I AM helping with a couple of the CORE projects that will ring around the man this year.
Take a look at some of my past projects
Hard to pick favorites
 1.)  2004 The Pagoda of Infinite Reflection
the tallest and best piece I've made on the desert
 2.)  2003 ..a place to stand...
and the movie that made me a movie star
 3.)  2008 THE END
my last art project (til next year that is)
 4.)  2006 Intellingent Design
which returned in 2009
Current projects
the text that goes here is a quick 2 or 3 line summary of what someone is likely to see if they click on the more link to follow...
The Girls, CORE and More
I've always got too many irons in the fire
 1.)  The Girls Start with a thousand things, form them into the shape of a human torso, and this is what you might get.
 2.)  CORE Prototypes for this year's burning man project
 3.)  Re-Doing This WEB SITE!! Been trying for year to make big changes.
Going to unroll it before all the corners are done or it will never happen.

   Old Stuff & Hidden corners
My globes are old and not so amazing these days but once put my site up high in the search listings.
Take a look at the old download pages..
Animated gifs
 1.)   On black backgrounds
 2.)   On white with color
Stuff I can't hardly find anymore
the more I dig around, the more stuff I find.
Imagine if YOU had been tucking stuff away for 20 years online!
This list could go on forever
 1.)  Yarn Hairfalls Stuff I make
 2.)  Old examples of my work Last updated about a decade ago.
 3.)  Lefty's Corner Some of my Dad's writings on airplanes
 4.)  FurrPlay.com My Girlfriend's site
Not actually part of my site, but I DO act as a model on hers.


Home Sweet Home
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